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I’m excited to announce my re-release of #fightingLove #lyvuimusic

This song was written in 2019 with another band I was in. I love the way Kfir Gov mixed and mastered the song.  He and everyone involved did an excellent job and I am so proud of this song. If you are looking for someone top notch to work with you can check out their website:


I created the artwork. I thought it would be fun to share the other version that I did not use:


Here is the final version:

Hope everyone is recovering from 2020 – COVID times. It seems the world is opening up again. I believe 2022 will be much brighter. My next release will be my EP. I am also grateful that I have a new band. We are learning all the original songs and hope to play out live in Austin, Texas soon! Please listen and follow: or at Spotfiy.


Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. With love and gratitude – Ly.


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